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South Korea : Study in Korea (MS and PhD)

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Available Open Position at Spring Semester of 2014

Prof. G.S.Choi, SoC Design Lab., Dept. of Information and Communication Eng., Chosun University, GwangJu, Korea

Homepage:, Tel.: +82-62-230-7716, Cellular: +82-10-4324-9864, e-mail:


1. Qualifications

An applicant and his/her parents must have foreign citizenship and come under each of the following:

1) Graduated or is going to graduate from a bachelor’s or master’s program in a foreign country

  (Dept. of Electronic Eng., Computer Science Eng., Information and Communication Eng., and IT related Eng.)

2) Must have IBT score of 80 (IELTS 6.0) or higher.

3) Must have superior CGPA

4) Familiar with Channel Code like LDPC or LT Code

5) Familiar with C Language, Verilog HDL and EDA tools like Design Compiler


2. Research Areas

1) Digital ASIC Design / Embedded Processor Application /  ASIP design for Information & Communication (Especially Channel Codes)


3. Send below documents to e-mail (

1)    CV (Curriculum Vitae) including photo, experience, contact address, birth data and so on

2)    A copy of a transcript

3)    A copy of graduation certificate

4)    A copy of official english test score sheet such as IBT or IELTS


4. Scholarship

1) Fully financial support of tuition fees and living expenses


5. Housing

1) Every admitted student may live in university housing (dormitory)




GoangSeog Choi, Ph.D.

Dept. of Info. and Comm. Eng., Chosun Univ.



Tel.: +82-62-230-7716, Cell.: +82-10-4324-9864


Further Information

Application Deadline : 15 August 2013

Download this Call as PDF

Contact Adress: GoangSeog Choi, Ph.D. Dept. of Info. and Comm. Eng., Chosun Univ. e-mail: Homepage: Tel.: +82-62-230-7716, Cell.: +82-10-4324-9864

Contact Email:

Posted on 2013-07-25 21:04:53

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The announced deadline for above scholarship is expired and new applications may no longer be accepted. The notice is available for reference purpose only.

Please give reference of when applying for above scholarship.

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